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Container Vacation Apartment in 32㎡

The densification of housing and the on-going migration into urban centres is what brings the attention of real estate developers and consumers, and will see an explosive demand in the near future. SIFE 2018 introduced the concept of container-type modular building and debut a container small apartment tournament to trigger highly attention, Häfele partnered with Alejandro Felipe, Chief Architect of HTI Studio, and built an apartment with area 32 square meters dedicated to leisure activities and vacation experience. 

Space transformers

The holiday apartment is such a space. At first glance, it seems that there is not a lot of furniture at your disposal. However, the kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, dressing table, bathroom and even the tables and chairs that you need have been all hidden on the walls like blocks.

Pivot sliding door fittings are applied to the kitchen door, storage cabinet door and dresser door, making the function areas can easily switch between the opening and hidding status - both comfort and tidyness can be fulfilled. Swing doors equipped with sliding door hardware connect the living room and bedroom, bedroom and bathroom. Barrier-free opening method optimizes the space,  and a muted damping help to create a comfortable living environment. The high load-bearing wall with storage function releases and hides the bedroom space. Lift bed is also a widely-used tool for the space increase of small-sized apartment.

Storage space

Häfele pull-out shoe rack with a rotation angle of up to 180 provides 14-layer storage space. Equipped with five baskets, Häfele HSA pull-out basket makes full use of high and narrow space to solve kitchen storage problems. A built-in rotating trash assures tidy space. The application of table top swivel bolt can fully use all the storage space inside the cabinet, and at the same time after pulling out the tabletop can be used as a dining table for more friends. The corner wardrobe with rigid direction furniture castor can be easily pulled out. When equipped with a variety of wardrobe fittings, wardrobe will offer a best place for each piece of clothes.

Icing on the cake:lighting system and bathroom mirror

Light can fully dazzle the space, especially for small-sized units. The loox lighting system equipped in kitchen, cabinets, shelves and so on takes the responsibilities in functional lighting, ambient lighting and comfort lighting. Häfele Bathroom Mirror combines mirror defogging, interior lighting, makeup lighting, ambient lighting and sound system to give you a more perfect bathroom experience.