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Flexible smart room

A small space, being integrated with working, living, bedroom and more functions, is surprisingly easy to be transformed to accommodate different ways of life.

Under the assistance of the pull-out table installed inside the TV cabinets, a home office area forms. It gives the living room a largest space by a simple unfolding action.

And the TABLOLIFT lift system can easily transform the bedroom into a tea room where the guests can enjoy themselves very much.

What is one of the most poplular trends in European design at present is hiding. To conceal your kitchen operation area behind the FINETTA Spinfront sliding door, it will present you the whole kitchen as a clean and tidy one when it is closed.

This multi-functional island confines the whole cooking area and an extensible sofa within a small area. The sofa can be removed as a whole to save more space when it is not in use and all of these shall be attributed to Häfele’s full extension BB runner section which can bear a weight as much as 227kg.

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