Youth Lab

The Youth Lab is an innovative and multifunctional youth hostel room developed for young and young at heart travelers. The challenge was to  create a space which could give accommodation to two to six guests, and at the same time take into account the needs of community and privacy.

Public Area

The entrance door applies Häfele’s Dialock electrical locking system which achieves a modern and simple appearance with a LED indication on its top, opened with a touchless card.

The bathroom can be used by two persons simultaneously with full privacy assured.

The door applies Häfele’s Alasept handle with anti-bacterial surface which can clean itself, reduce infection rate of bacteria after frequent contact and satisfy the tenant’s requirement for sanitation. Meanwhile, the electrical locking system Dialock makes opening and closing of the door in a much safer and easier way.


Four-person Area:

It is equipped with four double deckers. The embedded drawers can hold shoes/clothes and there is LOOX LED system applied in the side stair area.

Häfele’s Dialock electrical lock for furniture is applied in each bed, making them independently controlled safely and conveniently by a touchless open/close mode.

The concealed mirror ensures to offer more space for the activities by many people but meeting the dress-up requirement.

And each person can enjoy his own space: a small LOOX LED lamp with a touching switch is built in bedside to offer convenience for temporary recreation and study.


Two-person Area

A private area for two-person is possible for usage by simply pulling down a built-in double bed. Besides, the combined drawers provides good storage solutions.