Häfele Startec DCL Door Closer

    DCL door closer series is one of important products what under Häfele Startec brand, all DCL door closers are high quality important products, and DCL series includes very wide products range.

    • Different shape designs and finish colors suitable for different place and design styles.
    • DCL series includes different door closer types: exposed door closer, concealed door closer, door closers with coordinator and so on.
    • DCL door closer has very wide function and applicability:  close force range from EN 3 to EN 6; door closers with hold open or without hold open function are optional; door closers with backcheck or backcheck adjustable; they are suitable for different mounting options: standard installation, overhead installation and so on.
    • DCL series door closers in compliance with EN 1154:1996. DCL33, DCL51 and DCL11 passed Classic II testing did by China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components, service life ≥200000 times, and they in according with China standard GA93-2004《Door closer for fire-resisting door》.
    • DCL series door closer with advanced designer and it is second to none in the field, such as DCL 33 door closer use cam structure, it makes opening and closing more easily.