Häfele launches new basin faucet and shower collections

    As people in pursuit of quality life highly value the elegance and comfort of their bathrooms, to which the faucets and showers are elementary, in response to the market demand, Häfele adjusted the product portfolio and officially launched three new basin faucet and shower collections in China, namely the modern Emma and Hera collections and the classical Victoria collection.

    These newly launched collections are imported from Europe, fully representing the high quality standards of Germany in terms of raw materials, technology, technique and design. The products are made of MS63 copper containing little lead, equipped with Kerox valves, Neoperl bubblers, and two-way water-saving switches. The chrome coatings are approximately 10 mu in thickness, compared with the basic thickness standard of 5 mu; the gold coatings are made of 24k gold, together with optional Swarovski Crystal handles. In terms of the design style, Hera and Emma are simplistic and modern with soft and neat lines; on the contrary, the cross-shaped Victoria featuring human-centered design is elegant, magnificent and of fine taste.

    Häfele has been engaged in research and innovation while producing the first-class for nearly a century to offer the consumers one-stop hardware solutions that both ensure comfort and convenience and reflect uniqueness and style. In the area of sanitary fittings, Häfele also provides bathtubs, towel rails, soap holders, toilet paper holders, coat hooks, and shower cubicle accessories, as well as barrier-free fittings suitable for the elderly and the disabled including support rails and shower seats.