New bathroom products for the disabled

    At the beginning of 2014, Häfele launched a new generation of bathroom fittings suit for the aged and disabled group worldwide. This reflects its passionate customer-focused strategy, and integrates superb German craftsmanship and contemporary technology. It demonstrates the groundbreaking innovation in terms of creativity, designing and product positioning as well. It is no doubt that this product line has attracted the attention from many related industries especially some real estates focused on the aged and disabled.

    Recently, China strongly advocates the spirit of "attention, care and love for the disabled and elderly". Bathroom is one of the indispensable parts in their daily life. With continuous development of fittings and equipments in the bathroom, how to provide a barrier free and diverse living environment for the old and disabled has aroused more attention. Basing on this factor, Häfele therefore released the new product line based on existing product, seeking for safer, healthier and more convenient customer experience.

    The new series has the following features:

    • Variety. Traditional bathroom can be divided into shower, bath, basin and toilet area. To ensure easy movement for the disabled and aged, we designed related products for different areas.
    • Solid structure. The products are fastened to the wall by big base and 3 screws. It can ensures enough force and strength to increase product carrying capacity and thereby ensures the security.
    • Special design. Products are finished with non-slip groove design. It’s easy to hold up the body and make sure the security.
    • Material selection. Stainless steel 304 is required at high humidity of bathroom environment. The finish is polished, bright and beautiful.
    • Handrails are designed with detachable assembling type in consideration of installation and transportation.

    Häfele’s aim to satisfy the requirements of their customers, and the product diversification makes Häfele as the leader in the competitive market. You can find many other bathroom fittings like folding shower seat and the drop-down rails, are designed for the old people and the disable in a bid to solve their special needs. Outstanding performance, elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship make the aged and disabled experience a physical and mental enjoyment.