Sliding Door Fittings

Sliding doors provide design free and more space for interior space, so it more and more is used in the interior decoration design. Sliding door fitting of Häfele has a lot of experience and advantage in the field of sliding door fittings, extensive products range make we can provide space design solutions for you. Whether it’s wood door, glass door, top hung door and bottom running door; or folding door, electronic sliding door, symmetric door and so on, you can get all solution from Häfele architectural sliding door fittings.

Slido is sliding door fitting self- owned brand of Häfele group, because of wide variety of materials, loading capacity and types of Slido fittings, they are used in various occasions widely. And dumping system is the highlight of Slido sliding door fittings, the smooth and silence slide improve comfort ot living and working environment. We also have world’s top brand EKU and HAWA, to provide more comprehensive space design solution for you.

Sliding door fittings

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Slido Sliding Door Fitting Slido Sliding Door Fitting: Slido is Häfele brand of sliding door system. It now offers a wide range of sliding door fittings for doors made from wood and glass bearing weights from 40 kg to 750 kg. Learn more
design 300 U Glass Sliding Door Hardware: Modern interior design increasingly demands the flexible use of space. The roller fitting planning Design 300-U not only offers new freedom in design, but also opens up completely new perspectives in terms of room planning, division and utilization of space. Learn more 
Telescopic Sliding Door Fittings Telescopic Sliding Door Fittings: The Telescopic 80/2-80/3-40/4 is the answer to a number of questions concerning space in connection with sliding wood doors. Learn more
Movable Wall Systems Movable Wall Systems: Häfele's products help to expand the imagination of designers. This applies specially to the development of flexible space-saving solutions for hotels, congress and convention centers, schools, restaurants, shopping centers and commercial buildings. Learn more

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