Häfele Telescopic Sliding Door Fittings

    The Telescopic 80/2-80/3-40/4 is the answer to a number of questions concerning space in connection with sliding wood doors. This sophisticated system allows you to slide two or three doors weighing up to 80 kg (176 lbs.) simultaneously to the left or right if there is not enough space for a single wide door. One hand is all it takes to slide the doors to one side.

    Telescopic sliding door

    You only need to slide one door to make the others move at differing speeds until they are all open and arranged in front of one another. The doors are connected on rollers by a toothed belt and a fastening for the toothed belt. The model Telescopic 40/4 will even enable 4 sliding doors weighing 40 kg (88 lbs.) each to be coupled together.  

    At a glance:  

    • Enables telescopic opening of two or three sliding doors, or   symmet- rical opening of four sliding doors.
    • Extremely space-saving as sliding doors only need half the space when open. 
    • High-quality trolleys enable easy sliding even with just one hand.
    • Robust, maintenance-free design with fibreglass-reinforced toothed belt.     
    • Even large installations (up to 4 m ) are possible without a bottom guide track.