Furniture Connector

Connector is the very basic element for building up modern furniture. Due to its specific peculiarity and its unobservable install position, it is easy to be ignored. However, it is this tiny little connector that determines the characteristic and the quality of the furniture.

3 in 1 eccentric fitting is recognized as the most common connector with the highest usage frequency among its product scope. It is Hafele who invents 3 in 1 eccentric fitting and named it as "Minifix".

Based on "patented eccentric connection technology", Minifix has achieved a roaring success in the market. Häfele developed dozens of product range according to market demands and development as well as customers' requirements. Häfele has become the leader in the world market of the furniture connector at present.  


Featured Products

Since the advent of Minifix, it has gone through generations of innovation and improvement. The latest Minifix tightens its shape, with Häfele's new spreading bolt, its taut strength enhances, which ultimately improve the stability of cabinet connection. The housing is not only suitable for Häfele's bolt but also for all bolts that existing in the market.

Rafix is an industry standard in closet units, store fixtures, displays, shelf units. Rafix is a three part connector which consists of: a bolt, housing and inner cam. The Rafix bolt provides maximum pull out strength in all types of material (up to 453 lbs), is easy to insert into system holes and will not bulge the edges around system holes.


Connector catalogue

Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue. To the product catalogue