MOOVIT Drawer Runner System


    One system: Internal Drawer Box or Single Drawer Box

    Transform MOOVIT into an internal drawer box by adding internal drawer accessories.


    No curves, lots of space

    Unlike other systems in the market, Moovit’s interior drawer walls are not curved - they have a practical 90º angle.  This optimizes drawer space and allows for the use of almost any cutlery tray or drawer insert.


    Soft and Silent mechanism

    An integrated soft and silent mechanism guarantees a smooth and consistent close every time.

    Easy to locate drawer front adjustment

    Vertical and horizontal adjustment for drawer fronts is easy to locate and operate and makes assembly and installation quick and simple.

    Moovit 钢抽灰色

    Finishes to accommodate any style

    Moovit is available in a champagne finish that perfectly accompanies Hafele’s Arena Champagne program. A metallic gray finish and metallic white finish are also available.