Hinges and Flap Fittings

    As you all know that Häfele has full range of flap fittings which includes not only the simplest gas spring, lid stay, heavy duty flap fittings but also the motor-driven flap fittings. It satisfies with all requirements for flap fittings regarding to diversified levels and applications.


    Hinges and flap fittings catalogue

    Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue. To the product catalogue

    Free Flap

    Featured Products

    freeflap Free Flap Fitting:The Häfele new Free flap fittings have following distinguished features. Its evident installation advantages - locating pins and pre-set Euro-screws on the fitting, comfortable and secure clip fixing of the front - with corresponding savings in installation time. Learn more

    Duo Flap Fittings

    DUO Flap Fitting: DUO is such an outstanding fitting which has been existed in the market for over 10 years. 100% made in Germany guarantees the best quality of DUO. Learn more


    Maxi Flap Fitting:Compact and versatile, designed for flaps up to 50kg, including a new push to open handle-free application. When using two Maxi fittings the flap weight can double. Learn more