Foldaway bed fittings

    Duoletto Built-in Foldaway Bed and Teleletto Foldaway Sofa Bed Fittings

    Duoletto built-in foldaway bed fitting

    Ideal applications of Duoletto built-in foldaway bed are youth hostel, children's room or guest room. Whether you choose single or bunk bed, the same fitting can be used for them except the number of installed. Variable and freely selectable mounting height when used as single bed that is also in accordance with Human ergonomics.

    The load capacity of Duoletto built-in foldaway bed is up to 100 kg, the mattress size is 900 x 2000mm which can satisfy standard requirements. The bed is invisible when closed which bring great space saving without affecting the layout.


    Teleletto foldaway sofa bed fitting

    Teleletto foldaway sofa bed fitting can be applied in hotel and hostel, it is also easy to find them in the guest or study room even in caravan. Function transformation of sofa and bed will assist in enhancing efficiency in utilization of space.

    For the Teleletto foldaway sofa bed fitting the mattress size is exceeded to 1200 x 2000mm, opening and closing beds which also can make the space function changed instantly.


    The installation is easy by quick fixing system for both above foldaway beds. They must be prevented from tipping in accordance with EN 1129 to guarantee the safety of operation. The assorted gas filled strut make opening and closing much easier.

    In No Time from Desk to Bed - Tavoletto

    The hardware Tavoletto from Häfele perfectly develops its talent in small spaces. Like an artist, it transforms a desk to a bed, and vice versa. One furniture for two requirements - the ideal solution to create more space in a small room.

    • Flexible use of other functions
      In addition, integrated storage compartments like a wall unit with lighting and other features make the furniture ultra-flexible and individual. Ideal application for children's and teenagers' rooms or the dorm rooms, guest rooms, caravan and shipbuilding-practically every place where the rooms are small and the space is rather limited.
    • Various designs       
      Tavoletto from Häfele is available in two versions: Version 1, a comfortable bed 900 × 2000 mm, and option 2, a bed of 1400 × 2000 mm - ideal for a guest bed, sometimes for two persons to sleep.
    • Components of the fitting       
      The multi-functional hardware system is also suitable for industrial furniture production. CAD data allows a fast, easy and accurate installation. A mechanism set consists of two gas springs, two support arms with a folding mechanism, and two holding plates for the table. The complete design has been tested by the LGA on security in accordance with DIN EN 1129.