Wardrobe fittings

Smart Spaces, Smart Wardrobes

It is easy to lose track of things in a conventional wardrobe, because things are often stacked behind each other in "two rows". Smaller items of clothing or accessories start to disappear into the back of the wardrobe. Belts and ties also tend to have a "nomadic existence" with no fixed abode.

The Pull-Out Storage Systems from Häfele are based on an extending pull-out frame system that can be flexibly adapted to different wardrobe interior sizes. The accessories can be combined and are simply suspended in the frame system. Everything is neatly stored in its own area and easily accessible when required providing organization while saving space.

Wardrobe fittings from hafele

The new storage and organization systems from Häfele provide tidiness and clarity in wardrobes and dressing rooms. The wide range of practical baskets, hampers and racks help to create a wardrobe that is both clever and tasteful, making the well-known problems of traditional wardrobes with clothes rails and shelf compartments a thing of the past. Häfele functionality provides excellent quality and maximum convenience.

Optimum functionality and a high level of living convenience—Häfele storage space solutions equip wardrobes in a perfectly neat and space-saving way.