Loox Led lighting configuration in different areas

  • Light in the Living Room

    Hardly any room is used today as versatile and frequent as the living room. The light in the living room should always be adapted to the respective atmosphere and functionality.

    Light in the Living Room  

    Comfort light (right): Warm white lighting provides a cosy atmosphere for watching television.
    Functional light (left): Spot lighting helps you to find the right reading material and impressively emphasizes your collection of exhibits.
    Mood light: LED flexible strip lights provide indirect cabinet lighting.

  • Light in the Kitchen

    The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but also a meeting point for family and friends. Good light to work and pleasant light during meals is therefore called for here. Bright light and good illumination is particularly important in the work surface area.

    Light in the Kitchen

    Comfort light (right): Wall units with internal lighting for indirect light and illumination of the contents.
    Functional light (left): The work surface is fully illuminated by powerful lights.
    Mood light: LED flexible strip lights as plinth lighting.
  • Light in the Bedroom

    The bedroom is an oasis of peace and relaxation. This is where we recharge our batteries for the next day, relax with a good book and switch off from the day's activities. Next morning, an illuminated wardrobe rail provides us with convenient assistance for choosing what to wear.

    Light in the Bedroom

    Functional light (left): Reading light at bed head with flexible neck.
    Comfort light (right): The illuminated wardrobe rail in the wardrobe.
    Mood light: The indirect lighting with LED flexible strip lights at the bed head.
  • Light in Stores

    Particularly as far as stores are concerned, it is important to make products look appealing in every room. The intention is to make the customer aware of the product by using appealing accent lighting. Certain products or surfaces can be emphasized using this lighting.

      Light in Stores

    Comfort light (left): Recesses are given volume using spot lights.
    Functional light (right): Surface directed, white light is the guarantee of color fidelity.
    Mood light: Soft, indirect lighting reinforces the feel-good.