Häfele ELLIPTA Flat Screen Arm

ELLIPTA from Häfele offers stunning accessories with innovative technology to free up space and make the most of your environment. Whether you need thinking space, playing space, living space or growing space, ELLIPTAcan give you the freedom to thrive.

The ELLIPTA multi-directional flat screen arm frees up space on your desktop and is an excellent addition to ergonomic office workplaces. This top-quality multi-directional flat screen arm allows flat screen monitors to be moved and rotated in all directions with ease. This new development from Häfele is LGA certified with regard to ergonomics, quality and safety, and is worth its weight in gold, as proven by the fact that it was recently presented with the NeoCon Gold award, which is one of the USA's most renowned technology awards.

  • Creates up to 25% more desk space
    ELLIPTA saves space used by pedestal stands for flat screens by up to 25%. Making efficient use of the space you have offers significant benefits to your business.


  • Improves ergonomics
    ELLIPTA provides ergonomic benefits and dynamic, multi-screen use to elevate your professional capabilities.
  • Fingertip tailoring to each individual
    The ELLIPTA flat screen arm offers a unique spring-tensioned design, which allows feather-light height adjustability at just the touch of your finger. 
  • Lets you add multiple screen
    Every business has its own ideal working environment. To create yours, ELLIPTA arms are designed to work with as many screens as you need within the space you need. 


  • Treads new ground in computer interfacing
    ELLIPTA is the only computer flat screen arm with USB hub built into the post. Connected to a single USB port on the host computer. The hub enables workers to connect up to 4 USB devices simply and easily. To increase the power output, the hub can also be connected to two USB ports on the host computer
  • Creates more room to seat more staff
    In new or renovated environments, ELLIPTAallows for smaller desks, more people and therefore greater savings in real estate leasing costs.