Häfele releases new vorfront sliding system for wardrobe - Slido Classic VF 50 P

    Häfele recently launched a new vorfront sliding door fitting system for wardrobe, namely Slido Classic 50 P after a thorough market research, a step to adjust Häfele’s product portfolio in China.

    Wardrobe is an elementary part of bedroom storage and decoration design. The application of state-of-the-art door fittings has diversified the styles and operations of wardrobe sliding doors, among which vorfront sliding door is one of the most popular type in the market, featuring easy operation, convenient daily cleaning and maintenance and a long service life.

    Slido Classic 50 VF P

    Häfele has long been a leader in manufacturing furniture sliding door fittings and continued innovating its products. While boasting the high quality standard and multiple material options, the newly launched fitting system has been optimized in terms of potential risk prevention and ergonomics to meet the needs of different customer groups:

    • The application of completely new concave roller and top track results in more precise sliding and less noise;
    • With a maximum load capacity of 50kg and two different packages designed for doors with a thickness of 19-21mm and 22-25mm respectively, Slido VF 50 P is suitable for most wardrobe sliding doors available in the market;
    • Easy assembling makes it possible for a single worker to install and adjust large doors, which definitely saves the labor cost of the furniture producers;
    • Slido VF 50 P can be combined with Häfele’s exclusive Smuso soft closing system and the Slido e-drive appliance. The Smuso soft closing system can not only increase the operation comfort and safety, but also extend the service life of the wardrobe;

    With the Slido e-drive appliance, the door can open automatically smoothly and silently when one gently pushes the door panel or presses the remote control. Thanks to the “Plug & Play” modular system of Slido e-drive, it can be easily installed, connected and operated. In addition, equipped with safety shut-off, the door panel will stop immediately if it encounters any resistance during moving in a bid to avoid accident.