Wonderful view from top of the city

Shijiazhuang Hilton Hotel, as one of the tallest buildings in Hebei Province, contains 594 high class rooms including suites and hotel apartments, 5 restaurants and bars of different style, and multifunctional meeting rooms of over 2400sqm.

Hilton Shijiazhuang Hotel - Charming Chinese style created by Slido Sliding doors

The Choice of Hilton Shijiazhuang Hotel

Project Name: Hilton Shijiazhuang Hotel
Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Developer: Hebei kaiyuan real estate development co., LTD
Opening Time:Jun 2013
Interior design::KAKO KIKAKO SEKKEISHA, Shenzhen Hongtao Decoration
Number of room: 594
Hardware supplier: Häfele

The Chinese red in this distinguished restaurant presents the sense of traditional style. The guests could have a more wide vision through these Hollowed-out door leaves configured with Häfele Slido sliding door system.
The sliding door used in the restaurant

The sliding door used in the restaurant

In the public area as well as the hotel rooms, Häfele stainless steel door lock provides stable and reliable protection.

Häfele door lock

Häfele door lock

Sliding doors are widely used in the guest rooms that makes a distinct decoration style. Besides, soft closing concealed runner used in the drawers creates a soft and comfortable relaxing environment.

Soft closing concealed runner

Soft closing concealed runner

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