Furniture lock, EFL 3/3C, Dialock, mains-operated lock


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Product details
  • Optional, integrated contact for door status indication EFL 3C
  • Electromotive locking, magnetic interactions cannot take place
  • Flat design


Without V2 connecting cable

Area of application

Mains-operated electric lock for indoor use: For hinged doors, flaps, sliding doors, drawers or tambour doors in furniture, office and store equipment


The EFL 3 furniture lock remains unlocked for 3 seconds when presenting an authorised user key in combination with the FT 120, FT 130 furniture terminal (standard spring bolt lock function). The EFL 3 locks automatically after 3 seconds.
The optional deadbolt function (permanent locked/unlocked) can be set via the FT 120 furniture terminal.
The door status (locked/unlocked) can be determined with feedback contact and additional macro. The connected FT 120 furniture terminal will generate an alarm accordingly.


Electromotive locking, magnetic interactions cannot take place
locking component without magnet, locking plate crossways
with mini plug and RJ10 plug
3D tolerance compensation
flat design 12 mm, (installation next to drawer possible with a distance of >12 mm to cabinet side panel)


Lock case and locking bolt: Zinc alloy


Lock case and locking bolt: Nickel plated
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Product Features

Supplied with

1 EFL 3 or EFL 3C furniture lock

1 locking component

Order reference

Please order V2 connection cable, marking gauge for EFL 3/EFL 3C and macro key card for EFL 3C separately. A macro is required for "permanent open" function with key remaining on FAN 100 antanna. This macro is available on request.

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Furniture lock, Dialock, mains-operated lock

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