Business figures of the Häfele Group

Quality and service based on German standards, proximity to our business partners all over the world and a high degree of corporate dynamics have allowed Häfele to grow continuously and become a global company.

With more than 8,000 employees working at headquarters in Nagold and at 38 subsidiaries, as well as many additional representatives worldwide, the Häfele Group posted revenue in excess of 1.7 billion Euro in the 2021 financial year. Foreign business accounted for an 79-percent share.

Revenue (EUR)1.7 billion1.39 billion1.5 billion1.397 billion1.375 billion1.311 billion
Foreign sales share of revenue79%79%88%80%80%79%
Employees in Germany1,7001,7001,6501,6001,6001,600
Employees worldwide8,0008,0008,1007,8007,6007,300