Door Controllers

    To prevent the loss of the internal room temperature, the main entrance and exit door needs to be always closed, door Control devices are mechanical devices that allow a door to close automatically once it is opened. Door controllers of Häfele include door closer, floor spring and door coordinator and so on, the product range is very broad.  

    Häfele consider requirement of different application of door types and areas, we provide many door closer types to match it: exposed door closer, concealed door closer, cam efficiency door closers, concealed jamb door closer, door closer for sliding door and so on. Door closers play a significant role in case of fireproof, their function and high quality providing complete safety and durability at minimized risk of vandalism. Many models of Häfele’s door closers passed national fireproof testing, the fire resistant time over 90 minutes. So our products are you the most reliable and best choice.

    Featured Product(s)

      Häfele Startec DCL Door Closer: DCL door closer series is one of important products what under Häfele Startec brand, all DCL door closers are high quality important products, and DCL series includes very wide products range. Learn more

    Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue. To the product catalogue