Door Handles

    Strong, durable and beautiful are quintessence of Häfele lever handle products. Collection of the Häfele handles reflects the current fashion and functional elements of family life perfectly, and will be still brilliant in future. The good durability of handles depends on high quality materials and surface treatment: such as stainless steel with polish or satin finish, brass plated with nickel or PVD. Strong construction of handles ensures the good strength and activity smooth. Concise design and classic style conveys the eternal beauty. Reasonable price let Häfele handles become within reach.

    Häfele not only provide own brand “Startec”, but also collect many famous brand of world, such as: "Salice paolo", "Olivari", "CASSINA&OMPORRO", "Jado", "Lineacali" and so on. Both classic and modern style of interior design style, designers can find right choice from Häfele handles, Excellent design and superior quality of Häfele products has been recognized and loved by designers and customer.

    door handle

    Featured Product(s)

      Olivari: Olivari was set up in 1911. In its 100 years of history; Olivari has always sought out the maximum in quality, relying on the creativity of the best designers, Olivari handle design has been innovated ceaselessly, and it let them always be the innovator in the field of handles. Learn more
      ENRICO CASSINA:  HÄFELE introduced the style masters in classic handles area- ENRICO CASSINA - to China. It brings new design ideas and deep effects to decoration design and the hardware field of China. Learn more
      Jado: World famous brand JADO has been brought to China by Häfele for several years. Because of their exclusive design and high quality, JADO door handles were liked and praised by customers and designers. Learn more
      Alasept:The latest innovation from Häfele is called Alasept. It’s a highly-effective antibacterial and antiviral surface for fittings. This special surface has a copper base – similar to that used on high-quality medical implants – and is currently the only invisible solution on the market that's proven effective. Learn more

    Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue. To the product catalogue