Alasept Antibacterial Surface for Fittings

    Alasept is a highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral surface coating, developed and patented by Häfele with which stainless steel fittings such as lever handles can be refined and thereby protected against germs.

    MRSA bacteria are especially feared. They are resistant to antibiotics and are increasingly becoming a problem primarily in health-sensitive areas, such as medical facilities and seniors residences. The consequences are often life-threatening: infections range from pneumonia to endocarditis, through to serious cases of sepsis. Hundreds of thousands of these nosocomial infections – caused by so-called hospital bacteria’– appear primarily in clinics and have led to deaths in the five-figure range.

    Other public buildings, too – any place where a lot of people touch doorknobs and handles – are predisposed to act as transfer points for dangerous bacteria and viruses.

    The discussions about hygiene standards never end – doctors and microbiology specialists work continuously to find ways to eliminate bacteria and keep them away.

    Alasept – where people enter and exit   

    Clinics, public buildings and doctor’s surgeries... These are the places where people touch door handles – along with everything else that happens to be on them. This invisible antibacterial surface coating effectively ensures that bacteria and germs have absolutely no chance, letting you reach for the door without worry.


      Benefits of using Alasept coating

      • Protects against infections, where people enter and exit.
        Proven to reduce germs.
      • active 24/7.
      • Invisible and design-neutral coatings and fi nishes.
      • easy and quick to clean.
      • Robust and scratch-resistant.
      • extra-wide version for hospital beds.

      HygienePlus for health

      This highly-effective antibacterial surface for fittings from Häfele tested in March 2011 and certified under ISO 22196. The certification was conferred by the independent testing institute Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

      The innovative solution: Alasept gives germs no chance

      The latest innovation from Häfele is called Alasept. It’s a highly-effective antibacterial and antiviral surface for fittings.

      This special surface has a copper base – similar to that used on high-quality medical implants – and is currently the only invisible solution on the market that’s proven effective.

      In contrast to surfaces that allow bacteria to adhere, Alasept briefly bonds to them, preventing them from reproducing thanks to its antibacterial action.

      The big challenge: War on germs

      Older and sick people, as well as those with weak immune systems, are especially susceptible to the multi-resistant MRSA bacteria with an uncanny ability to survive: they can remain on door handles, light switches and drawer handles etc... for up to seven months.

      It’s precisely the places where many people touch the same objects that give bacteria, free reign. This is why hand hygiene – primarily in hospitals – is among the most important measures available to reduce the incidence of these life- threatening infections.

      Alasept for architectural hardware and furniture fittings

      The patented coating process can be used to protect a wide range of steel and stainless steel hardware, such as handles on doors, windows and furniture, as well as architectural hinges.

      Alasept’s antibacterial effect

      Alasept’s antibacterial effect is virtually 100% as effective as a surface disinfecting agent. Alasept is based on the oldest metal known to humanity: copper. Even Hippocrates, the originator of medicine, used copper to prevent infection.

      • Pathogens cannot colonise fittings coated with Alasept: the copper substrate immediately destroys bacteria and viruses.
      • Its effectiveness is attested through ISO-certification. 

      It raises your profile

      When you use Alasept, you show your commitment to hygiene over and above the usual standards. When you use this special coating, you deploy a highly-effective barrier against infection. With Alasept, you now minimize the risk of transfer, especially in health-sensitive areas. This means fewer cases of illness, which clearly benefits everyone, including health insurers.

      Let everyone know you’re committed to the health of your patients and visitors; for instance, by advertising that you use Alasept.

      Alasept makes its premiere in the DianaKlinik

      In July 2011, the DianaKlinik in Bad Bevensen, Germany, became the first institution in the world to deploy the highly- effective antibacterial Alasept door fittings. The private medical centre of excellence with a capacity of some 600 beds has already equipped countless doors with these handles and continues to expand their use.

      "We’re getting a very positive response from both patients and doctors about Alasept." Andre Feldin, Technical Director of the DianaKlinik, feels affirmed in his decision to change over to the antibacterial door fittings. Deputy Managing Director Heinz-Josef Schueler is also convinced: "Alasept helps us to refine our hygiene concept and reduce potential consequential expenses."