Häfele releases new Linear Runner Flexfit

    A new Linear Runner named Flexfit that currently issued by Häfele, is a combination of a profile and a carrier and enables multiple linear motion options like horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

    Flexfit 安装示意图

    Featured with fast and easy installation as well as ready to use without adjustment for carriers, greatly paid off the possibility of tailored individually like demand cutting, materials preference between steel and stainless steel, and carriers options of 3 or 5-wheel.

    In application process, Flexfit will be commonly used among furniture worktops and cabinet sliding doors, and make perfect sense when typically get into some vending machines, special vehicles and tooling cabinets, and so forth.

    Flexfit 平移轨道应用

    Flexfit used in kitchen island

    Häfele is always devoting to design innovative sliding and linear motion system. Incorporating the highest ISO international standards that ensure its products and service are safe, reliable, sustainable and of high quality. It is reported that this item had taken advantages of Häfele’s high quality and materials selection standards which guaranteed a much long service life.

    Furthermore, the update stands out easily in competition while comprehensive evaluation of its cost performance.