Drawer Runners

Häfele contributes its entire know how about customized product versions and functions to the wooden drawer runners. Be it roller runners, ball bearing runners, concealed runners even the high-end product linear runners. The load capacity is from 10kg to over 100kg which fully covers all customer’s daily requirement.

  • Roller runners: The basic product of within the range, easy installation, and colorful powder coated finish, ideal product for hotel furniture due to its cost saving feature.
  • Ball bearing runner: The most popular product for present market, high cost-performance ratio, thanks to its very smooth running function, it’s the best choice for kid furniture and RTA furniture.
  • Concealed runner: Will be the major player of the market, invisible is its most distinguished feature, nylon roller inside allows a low voice running motion.


Featured Products

  Moovit 弧形刚抽 Moovit Drawer Runner System:Drawer box system with double wall construction for metal drawers and pull-outs in kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment areas features a concealed progressive drawer slide system. Learn more
  Flexfit 平移轨道 Flexfit linear runner: The runner is a combination of a profile and a carrier and enables multiple linear motion options like horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Learn more
  Smuso 滑轨阻尼器 Smuso BB Runner Damper:The appearance is simple and slim; it's extremely easy for installation. Learn more

Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue.

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