Häfele DUO Flap Fittings

    As you all know that Häfele has full range of flap fittings which includes not only the simplest gas spring, lid stay, heavy duty flap fittings but also the motor-driven flap fittings. It satisfies with all requirements for flap fittings regarding to diversified levels and applications.

    DUO is such an outstanding fitting which has been existed in the market for over 10 years. 100% made in Germany guarantees the best quality of DUO. The current DUO keeps all original functions, in addition, it's be redesigned by a slim shape based on Chinese market request. It still adopts zinc alloy as its main body material and keeps nickel plated finishing.


    DUO has two product categories, DUO 3667 and DUO forte 3666. These two are suitable for flap height 500 mm and 700 mm respectively. Besides the length, they have same features on other aspects:

    • Just simply make a cross conversion according to illustration, DUO can be used both on upwards flap doors and downwards flap doors
    • DUO has three different opening angle, 75°, 90°and 110°
    • DUO has lock function that allows the flap lock in any position you want. The breaking function makes the flap lock in end position and can be released by slight pressure. The soft closing mechanism inside leaves a very quiet environment to you and your family
    • DUO adopts tool-free quick mounting system for easy installation
    • DUO can be simply adjusted by a SW4 hexagon socket       

    Thanks to its friction coupling construction inside instead of normal wheel gear mechanism, DUO has the longest life time than other products in the market now. This design allows avoiding frequent adjustment and unnecessary wear and tear. DUO series passed 60,000 cycles durability test which is far beyond the LGA standard requirements - 30,000 times. Moreover, DUO only needs to be adjusted maximum 3 or 4 times within its entire life long period.