Häfele New Free Flap Fittings

    The Häfele new Free flap fittings have following distinguished features. Its evident installation advantages - locating pins and pre-set Euro-screws on the fitting, comfortable and secure clip fixing of the front - with corresponding savings in installation time, its compatibility of both model series (drilling pattern, front fixing plate) and its appealing design and top-quality looks all make the new series unique and prominent.


    Further product features and advantages worth mentioning are:

    • minimal opening resistance
    • multi-position function (front stays put in any position)
    • integrated soft-closing providing absolutely smooth damping motion
    • excellent side-stability
    • extended sustaining capacity ranges ensure wide application possibilities
    • very good accessibility of adjustments for retention force and front alignment
    • Free flap 3.15 with integrated push-lever for the adjustment of the opening angle (optional 90°or 107°)
    • competitive cost structure

                          Free Flap

    With Free flap 1.7 and Free flap 3.15 having passed both internal and external functional and cycle tests and got the LGA certificates as well.