Pivot sliding door fittings

    Häfele releases new furniture sliding door fittings - Folding Concepta 25

    It is no doubt that sliding doors have become an intriguing option in contemporary furniture production, bringing in a total fresh view and the space releasing structure with easily push-pull. Häfele recently launched new sliding door fittings - the Folding Concepta 25 through in-depth market research for creating more innovative sliding doors selection.

    Folding Concepta 25

    Folding Concepta 25, the unique hardware for bi-folding pocket doors, has been well-received by the market. Together with the existing pivot sliding cabinet doors Concepta 25/30/50, they will supersede Folding Turnaway 15/20 and Turnaway X2-X5 systems available until the end of this year.

    Folding Concepta 25

    When these sliding door fittings come to the market, business buyers and end-users paid high attention to this model for its trend-setting design, unique quality, up-to-date tech and humanized consideration.

    The recipe behind the success of Concepta fittings is design flexibility and installing simplicity. Other arguments in favor of the new systems include the new technological options of the Folding Concepta 25 for room-high, flush-fitting cabinet fronts, tried and tested scissor technology and the use of both wood and glass in conjunction with the Concepta 25/30/50.

    New Finetta Spinfront – The New System for Concealed Leaves

    finetta spinfront

    Finetta Spinfront, recently launched by Häfele, is a pre-assembled system to facilitate and reduce the installation time. It's a unique and reversible kit. It has single leaf and double leaves versions and it’s for door thickness 18-30 mm.

    The system ensures the closure of the doors in complete safety by avoiding accidental damage, thanks to the ejection system of the leaf integrated, with adjustable speed. The system synchronization adjustable crossover cables; ensures perfect alignment of the door entrance into the compartment with no vibration and less noise.


    • Frontally it's possible to act on the panel position by adjustable hinges, on the flatness, on the door opening and the ejection force of the panel.A mill metric precision of the alignments of the cabinet door is guaranteed.
    • Reference stops adjustable and dampened.
    • Door hinges adjustable: Vertical position (±2 mm); Horizontal position (±2 mm); Depth position (±2 mm).
    • All Adjustable points are from the front side.

    HAWA Concepta 25/30/50 Sliding Door Fittings

    The new HAWA Concepta 25/30/50 pivot/slide system is the ideal choice for those looking for a convenient, easy-to-fit solution for pivoting glass and timber doors weighing up to 50kg that slide away to save space. All the more so as HAWA Concepta can handle virtually any door dimensions. It smooths the path for creative ideas with various installation options, profiles and handles. It can even close a wall recess without any cabinet carcass.

    HAWA Concepta

    One thing that is certain with present design trends is; anything that is not needed right now should be hidden away. HAWA Concepta 25/30/50 pivot/slide system can open up a space or close it completely away. It can be used for furniture as well as in buildings, it makes flush-fitting cabinet fronts in the home office, bathroom or kitchen disappear. It is also an outstanding method for concealing recesses.

    HAWA Concepta

    HAWA Concepta 25/30/50 was designed with these requirements in mind, be it for furniture or for integrated doors. Glass or timber doors weighing up to 50kg open up on a pivot to 90º then slide easily into a recess all in one effortless movement. Concepta’s smooth operation is attributed to the expertly designed Swiss pivot and slide technology and its sophisticated scissor element prevents the door from jamming.

    So when looking for a system that offers convertible functionality combined with aesthetic appeal, choose the HAWA Concepta 25/30/50. It’s a disappearing act that will impress.

    For further information regarding the HAWA Concepta 25/30/50, please contact your nearest Häfele Office.