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    Sliding doors are in. Sliding door systems are the innovative design component of modern and practical everyday living. They are flexible and functional; they offer and optimize creative use of space. Sliding doors provide new, interesting options for the use of furniture and rooms. Be it as flexible room partitioning between the kitchen and the living room, as walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom, or for the concealing the home office – sliding solutions are vogue.

    Innovative, versatile systems whose high quality is characterized by out-standing running properties, extreme ease of installation and a long service life can be found on the following pages. All sliding door solutions are also available with soft closing systems.

    Sliding door

    Featured Product(s)

      Wooden sliding door fittings Wooden sliding door fittings: This is the most common sliding door. With top-running or bottom-running types, Hafele can provide you with variant design such as Infront, Vorfront or Mixfront. Learn more
      Finetta Flatfront S/OS 20 FB Flatfront sliding door fittings: The 2 or 3 doors are in line when doors are closed. This offers the Flatfront sliding door the same perfect sealing as the hinged door has. The E-drive is also available.
      EKU-CLIPO 16 GPK/GPPK IF Glass sliding door fittings: It is not easy to connect sliding fittings with the glass door. Häfele provides many ways of connection: gluing, clamping with or without drilling hole. The connection is not a problem anymore.
      EKU Libra 20 H IF/VF Vertical sliding door fittings: The sliding movement can only happen in horizontal? Häfele: Not at all. We have sliding door fittings in vertical direction and it’s very popular. You can find them in many TV cabinet in the most of luxury hotels all over the world.
      Folding sliding door fittings Folding sliding door fittings: You fold the door before it slides. The complete inner space of the cabinet is just before your eyes.
      Hawa Concepta Pivot sliding door fittings Pivot sliding door fittings: This innovative fitting integrates the sliding door and the hinged door in one. The door is disappeared in the cabinet. Cabinet or an independent open space? Up to you. Learn more
      Soft closing mechanism Soft closing mechanism and straightening fitting: Soft closing mechanism increases either the service life or the safety of the sliding doors. The straightening fitting solves the problem of warping of the big doors. Learn more

    Häfele provides more products in details with different functionalities. For more product information, please check the Catalogue.

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