Distribution Services

Häfele supports your business with industry-leading distribution and logistics solutions

We are committed to providing distribution solutions that add value to your business and efficiency to your supply chain. Our network of domestic distribution points, combined with our expertise in fulfillment and shipping logistics ensures product availability and expedited delivery to destinations across China. In most cases, with in-stock items, customers can expect to receive their orders in 48 hours.


hafeleDistribution Centers

Häfele China operates distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Through these state-of-the-art facilities and our advanced Warehouse Management System, we're well prepared to meet the most demanding delivery requirements. 
Häfele has in excess of 10,000 sqare meters storage providing 13,000 stock items to China customers. From screws measuring just a few millimeters to six meters long guide tracks-Hafele distribution centers can accommodate.
From same-day order processing and just-in-time delivery to customer pick-up and customized packaging, our distribution services provide the flexibility and dependability your schedule needs. 



hafele Distribution logisticsDistribution Logistics

Distribution logistics is an important part of our customer service. We work hard to choose the transportation method that best suits the volume, dimensions and destination of each shipment. We consider factors such as urgency and distance, and do all we can to assure that orders arrive – damage free– in the right place at exactly the right time. 




Quality ManagementQuality Management

Our Quality Management System ensures customer satisfaction throughout the production process. We received our ISO 9001 and 14001certifications in 2010. 
Our focus on quality comes naturally. German precision – especially in engineering and manufacturing – enjoys an outstanding reputation around the world. This attribute is at the heart of the Häfele brand. In the US, our goal is to meet and exceed the highest quality standards for all the products and services we provide.



hafele in-time deliveryIn Time Delivery 

At Häfele we'll match our shipping schedule to meet your ongoing need for materials. Our attention to just-in-time delivery allows customers to reduce the costs – and stock-out risks – of maintaining an inventory. We'll work with you to schedule deliveries that assure a minimal, practical on-hand inventory. Häfele's just-in-time services also help minimize the need for financing, storage, and insurance.