Training center

Training forms the basis of growth; and effective training requires the right environment to achieve the best possible result. We use our own in-house training areas for employees and customers and also support our customers on site with training in their locations.


Training room

Where learning is facilitated through training presentations, discussions, video-screenings and query-solving sessions. This area is designed like a classroom, equipped with aids like a projector, a screen, a sound system, a white-board etc. The mood for ‘learning’ is enhanced through attractive and customized Häfele-Learning wall-papers that shout-out essential formulae, clues and learning mantras – so much so, that a participant attending training is completely consumed in the world of ‘Häfele Learning’.


The Technical corner

Where learning is demonstrated through practical installations and technical explanations for every product. This area is equipped with model mock-ups of most of the Häfele fittings so that the participants can actually experience the product functionality that we often speak of.