Training Initiatives

External Training


Customer Training

A very important initiative undertaken by our product management team and specification team is an on-going knowledge exchange session with our clients – from industries as well as architects and interior designers. These sessions keep our clients abreast with all our latest product innovations. On the other hand, these sessions prove to be very insightful for the company as we receive valuable feedback about our products from the industry experts as well as information about latest trends in architectural designs and requirements.


Educative Programs

This initiative caters to the architectural and designer student community who are thirsty for information about all kinds of hardware and fittings. Our Training team invites students from most famous universities like Tsinghua and Central South University to our showrooms to learn more about furniture design and functionality and product trends in the interior design field.

Educative Programs

Internal Training


Induction Training

Any employee joining the company has to undergo a rigorous Induction session where (s)he is introduced to the company culture, values, procedures and basics about every product category. This is followed by departmental training, where every new employee interacts with the heads of all departments to understand how the organization functions at a Macro level.


New Product Training

New product trainings are regular trainings held for the sales and operations teams on the new products. These trainings are generally between 3-6 days long depending on the number of products to be introduced. The nature of these trainings is dual in the sense that all conceptual aspects are first discussed with the participants incl. the features, benefits and unique selling propositions of the products and then followed by an in-depth technical training where participants are encouraged to install the products.

Franchise and Dealer Training

Apart from internal trainings for our sales force, the product management department also conducts external product trainings for the Häfele channel partners. This is done to ensure that unaltered, uniform product communication travels across our distribution channel right up to our end users and all our customers are perfectly aligned to the product knowledge base that exists with our employees.